Vision Board

Today I had absolutely no idea what to write about. So that is when I decided to create a vision board.  A vision board or mood board is a great way to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus for a specific goal. You can display photos that represent whatever you really want it to be about. Such as goals, holidays or even house inspirations to name a few. Check out my previous post on my own House Inspiration.

This vision board represents all things I love. There are many travel photos because hopefully within the next 2 years I will be travelling around the world (that is the plan anyway!). I added a few food, fashion and life quotes that I love too!

My vision board can be summed up as wanting to do more and see more!

I recommend to create YOUR OWN vision board. It can be on anything at all. It is a great way for motivation and to bring all your ideas together and create your perfect vision then bring it to life!

Thank you for reading my post. Check out my Tumblr page for more photos like these. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have ever created a vision board. Leave in the comment below. 


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Handbag Essentials

I’m not one to always be found with a hand bag, but when I do I need the essentials. I never want to be caught out without something important that I need while I’m out. That would be the worst!

I have listed a few of my handbag essentials, from the beauty items to the fashion items and everything in between.



A purse is my number one item. It is so important because it has my license and credit card in it. I cannot leave the house without it or I wouldn’t be able to shop or eat!


Whenever I start driving and realise I forgot my sunglasses I will either turn around and go back (if I’m close enough or can be bothered too) or try and find my spare pair hidden around in my car. I can’t really function without them. They are my go to accessory.

Foundation Powder, Lip stick/gloss and Mirror

It is always very handy to throw in your powder or lipstick, especially when you are going for a night out or day trip. Mirrors are a must have to apply as well of course!


I recommend to buy a perfume that comes in a small compact or travel size. You will thank me later. Nothing worst then carrying around a heavy handbag when you don’t really need to.

Notebook and pens

Not everyone likes to carry around a notebook and pen. These days a lot of people just use their phones. I do like to use my phone but depending on where I am going to might bring along a notebook and some pens.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave a comment letting me know your handbag essentials. I would love to know. Have a lovely day!


Shop the Items

Handbag : Colette Australia $60


Purse: Colette Australia $20


Maybelline Powder: Priceline Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder 16g $8.35


Nyx Lip Gloss: Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Set 2  $12

lipgoss nyx

Perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette $92


5 Ways to Start Your Day Refreshed and Motivated

It has been a while, in fact it has nearly been a month since my last post! However, I was focusing on my family as things took a turn for the worst. The events that have recently occurred in my life have given me a new outlook on life and also for the creation of this post. This is my 5 way to start your day refreshed and motivated.



Get up earlier – I know this may not seem like the best idea but you might just be thankful! Start by setting an alarm half an hour earlier then usual. Then change to an hour. After a while your body will start to adjust. You will have more hours in the day to be productive. Do the things you have to do and then all of a sudden you will realise you have more spare time then you actually thought. Go to the beach, go shopping, do anything you want because you have the time!

Have a decent breakfast – Make the effort to create a lovely breakfast in the morning. It is the most important meal of the day of course! One of my favourite meals to make are pancakes. Who doesn’t love some pancakes in the morning. It is quick and simple and makes you full. Both full of food and happiness!

Go for a walk or run – Again you may not think this is for you at the start (just like me!) but if you push yourself you will feel energised and ready for the day. I’m not saying you have to start running each and every day straight away. Just start with a few days a week walking or going for a jog. you can do this in the morning or afternoon, whenever you have the time pretty much. I personally like to go in the morning. Preferable at the beach but if not, sometimes I will just walk around the block. It is a great idea to clear your head. Don’t forget to drink your water!

Write a list of the things you need to complete for the day – Once you write them out, if you want you can prioritise each, starting from the most important. From my experience depending on what I need to complete I either start with the most important or even getting the boring tasks out of the way first! If you ever feel stressed out and overwhelmed this is a great idea. I do this pretty often because I am a full time Uni student, part time worker and blogger. I guarantee you that you will have a much better sleep if you try this.

Create a playlist of your favourite songs – play it while you are getting ready for the day. Get some classic hits, 80’s songs to the charting songs of today. Turn up the volume and I bet it will put you in a good mood. I know this might sound a little lame but you might even find yourself dancing a little…



I hope this can help! I would love to know what you do in the morning to help you feel refreshed and motivated for the day?

Don’t forget to check out my other post on How to Stay Organised and Manage your Time and How to Save Money

House Inspiration

At the moment I have been obsessed with black and white. Whether it is clothes or interior design. I would love to live in a lovely apartment where I am able to design my perfect layout that I have always wanted.

If you are planning on redesigning a room or even your house I recommend you to create a mood board. This way you are able to bring together all the ideas you wish to do. Include the colours, furniture, layout and the little touches!

I have stumbled across many photos lately and they have gotten my attention. Although I am not moving out yet these images have inspired me and I love it. All the photos kind of follow a white theme with a touch of black. I love the simple design and little unique touches.





Let me know your thoughts on your ideas you want for your dream room or house in the comments below. If you have any requests on the type of posts you would like to see let me know.

Much Love,


(Images sourced by Tumblr)

Ideal Items to get through University

After being settled into a routine for 5 years of high schooling, moving onto university can be massive shock! However, it is also very exciting. You are finally able to focus on something you are passionate about. It is very different compared to high school. You are responsible for getting yourself through your degree every step of the way.

I am about to start my third and final year in a month’s time. So I need to start getting prepared with all the items I will need.  These items are pretty obvious but if you need a checklist keep on reading…

  • Laptop
  • Exercise books
  • Pencil case (pens, pencils, highlighters, ruler, eraser and calculator)
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Change for parking (unfortunately many universities now have paid parking!)
  • Ear phones for study breaks in between classes


Please leave a comment and let me know how your university experience is going!

Much love,


How to Stay Organised and Manage your Time

There are many ways to be more organised and manage your time for each day. The first one that most people think of is to create a “To Do List”. It is a simple idea but it does really work! By creating a list you can write down each of the activities you need to do for that particular day. You can then prioritize them to be more efficient That can be done by starting with what needs to be completed first or even getting all the boring jobs out of the way first!

If it is easier, buy a whiteboard. Write down all your tasks and ideas directly on the whiteboard and place it in your room or somewhere in your house where you can access it easily.


Another option is to purchase a weekly planner or calendar. This will help plan out you busy week and make you feel less stressed. I use a weekly planner and helps me work out all the tasks I need to complete for university and what shifts I have for the week at work. After I plan out my week I am able to see where my spare time is and then I can work on my blog and see my family and friends. I will always make time to shop and go to the beach of course!


“Organise your room. Fold all your clothes. Bag what you don’t want and donate it. Clean your mirror, your computer, vacuum the light. Light a beautiful candle”.

This quote is very straight to the point. However, it works. By cleaning up the simple things you will feel a difference. You will feel like you have achieved something for the day and your room will feel brand new.


How to Save Money

I have always wanted and thought about what it would be like to travel around the world. Seeing all the amazing places online isn’t enough, so from the start of this year I am saving as much as I possibly can.

My best friend is also planning on coming along for the ride as well. We are hoping to go on a Europe Contiki and then who knows from there. The thought of the whole experience makes me so ridiculously excited! I am sure the time will fly and then I’ll be heading overseas and travelling around the world.

As I am a university student and part time worker it is pretty difficult to save up enough money while paying all the extra bills such as phone, rent and car payments.

I have tried to come up with two different ways to help myself as well as maybe even you!

  • Lose Change Coin Jar

Ever thought on what to do with all those random coins you always find laying on the floor in the bottom on your car and sitting in the bottom of your pockets of your pants? Collect them!

Chuck them into a jar and over time you will slowly see it increase. By the time the jar is full you would have wished you did it earlier!

To help motivate yourself decorate the jar or just go out a buy a cheap pretty one. Maybe even put a little quote on the jar to remind yourself that saving all those little coins will help you to purchase something you have always wanted. For example clothes, beauty products or a ticket to a place you have always wanted to go to (like me).

  • Creating a Separate Bank Account

Start by creating an extra bank account. Name it something along the lines of “Savings”. Each week you should pay all the necessary bills and limit yourself to for example, $200 a week in your everyday account. Each week from then on pay the bills and any money left over from the everyday weekly limit you can transfer to your “Savings” account. Sometimes it may only be $20 but $20 is still better than nothing.

Soon enough, over time you will have saved more then you thought you could, good luck!