5 Trips To Take Before You Die

There really is an endless list of different ways travel. Depending on who you are, you may prefer some over others. From booking a trip that is completely planned out each day to booking a ticket and figuring out everything else after you arrive. Either way is completely okay.  What we all can agree on though is everybody needs to travel somewhere at least once in their life. No matter how you do it.


This is for travelling more on a budget. Imagine throwing everything you need in a backpack and spending the next couple of weeks travelling through Europe or even Asia. Stay in hostels (check out my top hostels to stay in), travel by public transport and visit as many European countries that you can. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Road trip 

There is nothing quite like getting together with your friends and filling up the car with everything you will be living off for the next so many days and heading on a road trip. Following the maps and exploring so many new towns each day. I love road trips because if you end up liking a particular town you can just stay an extra night or few. I have created an ultimate road trip checklist for everything you need to have the best road trip. I road tripped across Canada a few months ago and loved it, definitely a must to do at life once.


Travelling in luxury is the ultimate dream, and it’s time to splurge and treat yourself. Head off to that tropical paradise and stay in a 5 star hotel. Spend your days living the life and sipping on cocktails while chilling out at the beach or the infinity pool. Enjoy some delicious food and treat yourself a massage. Pamper yourself and enjoy every moment.


Cruises are amazing. You get to unpack everything and get comfortable for the next week or so. Cruise ships literally have everything you need. Restaurants, bars, pools, casinos, theatres, spas and so much more. I can tell you right now you won’t get bored. And to make it even better you get to stop off at different islands and countries along the way. The perfect way to relax but still do some sightseeing.

Last Minute

If you are brave enough to drop everything and book a ticket to a destination you have been wanting to go to for so long, do it. I personally have never done this but would love to! Even if it is just for the weekend. Imagine booking a ticket Friday morning and flying out that night. That’s crazy, but so exciting! No plans just a place to go to. I would love to hear your experience if you have ever done it? Where did you go and for how long?


I hope this gave you some inspiration for your next trip. Which one do you want to try out? Have you ever done one of these trips before? Let me know about it. 

Sara xx

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