This Place Can’t Be Real

Yoho National Park is the final stop of our road trip, and I am so glad we made it! It was stunning! We were able to visit Emerald Lake and the natural bridge. It was so lovely. We got there a little before midday and it was so busy. The amount of people that visit these areas are insane. The place was still so lovely. We managed to find a secret spot overlooking the lake without any people. This place was the perfect spot to finish the road trip. If you are going to Canada there is not a chance you should be missing out on these places. No matter how many people are around, the place just doesn’t look real.

Road tripping across Canada was the best idea we have had. It was the perfect way to explore the country our own way and see everything the place has to offer. If you havn’t been to Canada you better add it to your bucket list. Can’t wait to book my next trip. Do you have any recommendations?

Sara x

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