All The Highlights Of Vancouver Island

Butchart Gardens, Victoria

Nanaimo Falls

Nanaimo Falls

Mexican Cafe in Victoria


Hey! Our next stop of the trip was Vancouver Island. We ended up staying in Nanaimo, Duncan and Victoria for about a week in total. It was a pretty lovely place! The weather was perfect which was a plus. The best thing to do in Nanaimo is the Qualicum falls. We asked a couple of locals and they recommended it. Im so glad we got the go. Check out my Instagram for more photos. The next town we visited was Duncan. It was really small and not too much to do. We found out they did horse rides in the forest. So we did that. It went for about 2 hours and I was in so much pain after sitting on a horse that long! haha. The city of Victoria was my favourite out of the 3 stops. It was super busy with a ton of restaurants, bars and shops. We just walked and walked and came across all different things. On the way to the city though we stoped at the Butchart Gardens. We got there pretty early so there were plenty of parks however it was very pricey. Especially when you arn’t the biggest flower fan. But it was still really nice to see and something a little different to do. Also, recommend staying at the HI Victoria Hostel. It was located in the perfect spot right in the city. So walking distance to everywhere!

Our next stop of the trip is Vancouver, which was one of my favourites. Look forward to upcoming posts on tips from our stay!

Sara x

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