How To Survive A Long Flight

Hey everyone, I am so excited about this post because in 2 days i’ll be flying to Canada! I literally cannot wait! The last trip I did was travelling through Europe. Since living in Australia it took me 22 hours of flying to get to there. One 14 hour flight to Dubai then 8 hours to London. This was my first long flight I had ever done. To be honest the thing I was worrying about the most was what I am going to do for the next 22 hours if i’m not sleeping. This list will help you for to only long flights but ever other flight you go on too! I will be making sure I am prepared for the 14 hour flight to Canada on Wednesday…



The number one most important thing to remember is to wear comfortable or loose-fitting clothes. That could mean gym clothes, leggings or even tracksuit pants. It doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable. Make sure you have layers and closed in shoes. Everyone knows planes can either be hot or freezing in a matter of minutes. When you know you will be on a 6+ hour flight it is better to be safe than sorry. If you want, you should bring a neck pillow too.

Bring your own entertainment. There’s nothing worst then the thought of doing absolutely nothing while sitting in a small seat for hours and hours. Bring some magazines and books. Load up your laptop or IPad with some movies and TV series you have been dying to catch up on. Bring earphones (noise-cancelling headphones), so you’re able to listen to music and watch the movies of course! Make sure that all of your devices are completely charged. You won’t have to stress about how much time you have left to use it. And you don’t want the battery to turn red when you have 5 hours to go. Bring a portable charger just incase. Lastly try and get the window seat. Everyone loves the window seat, so you can check out the view. I do however recommend getting the aisle seat too so you can stretch your legs without interrupting the passengers next to you.

What was the longest flight you have ever been on? Also any recommendations if you have travelled to Canada before? Check out my post on ‘Travel splurges for an experience of a lifetime’ to help you out for your next trip!

Sara x

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