Travel Splurges For An Experience Of A Lifetime

I am pretty sure a lot of people always try and holiday on a budget. Finding the best deals for flights and accommodation. I have to admit I do it too. I mean of course I do. I want to be able to find the best deals so I can spend my money on heaps of other things during my holiday. But I am here to tell you that sometimes you just gotta indulge in a travel splurge at least once in your life. Todays post is all about spending money on the right things to give your a trip of a lifetime.


This is for all of the bucket list readers. Those once in a lifetime opportunities. Sky diving over the Swiss Alps, Hot air ballon ride over Turkey or a gondola ride in Venice. If you truly want to spend your money on the right thing experiences/adventures are the one. It is all about creating memories you will never forget.


Why did you want to travel to this specific destination? To experience what it has to offer. Spend that extra bit of money on finding the perfect location close to everything you are wanting to see. If you manage to find a location that is practically walking distance to the main places you want well done! You will save so much money! No taxi, trains or buses needed. I like to explore a city on foot. You end up finding a lot of unexpected places as well as all the tourist attractions too.

If you truly want to travel the world and experience it, it is important to allow yourself to spend the money. You don’t need to go crazy and spend every cent. Just keep it in mind and really do everything you want to do. Dive in, get out your comfort zone and have the trip of a life time. Check out my post, the beautiful city of Venice to read about my experience on a gondola. If you read some more of my European posts you will see some of the once in a life time opportunities I was able to take!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done on holidays? Bungee jumping or swimming with sharks? I would love to hear about them. If you are planning a trip what once in a life time experience do you want to do? 

Sara xx 


  1. July 9, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    I so agree! I think of my travels as investments. So wherever I go I try not to skint too much!

  2. sarabatchelor
    July 10, 2018 / 4:10 am

    Yeah, same here! I want to enjoy and try out as much as I can when I travel!

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