10 Questions With Girl Boss Brooke Styles


I had the pleasure of interviewing Girl boss, Brooke Styles on all things social media and travelling the world. She has become one of the fastest growing influencers on Instagram. Working extremely hard on creating the very best content for not only her own business, Zahar Social but working with other top companies such as Colette Hayman, Princess Polly Boutique and Runaway the label.



How did you get into social media?

I kinda just fell into social media. When I was still in highschool instagram and snapchat just kicked off but in no way back then did I think it could be my full time job! It first started when I begun modelling. I was doing photoshoots 4+ times a week and a friend suggested that I posted my modelling shots onto an instagram account. I very quickly grabbed attention as back in 2013 instagram was still used for breakfast photos with the Valencia instagram filter, so my professional photos stood out. I then started getting reposted by brands and gained alot of followers very quickly. I then grew a love for the behind the scenes of instagram and now manage and content create for business.

Did you ever think social media would become your full time career? 

No defiantly not! My first year out of high school when this all begun I actually was studying nursing. The juggle between modelling full time and uni wasn’t working and I was forced to choose one. I’m defiantly not going back to nursing haha!!

What is your favourite content you like to create and why?

This is a hard one, but it would have to be flatlays. A few years back I was very sick and was home ridden for 6 months. In this time I didnt become myself as I wasnt allowed to go out and shoot so I lost my creative side. A few months in I begun to teach myself how to perfect flatlays and it brought myself back to life. It has a special place in my heart now.

Who is your biggest social media inspiration? 

Gosh I have so many but Jasmine Dowling has always been a fave of mine.

Craziest pinch me moment since working in the social media industry? 

This would have to be my recent campaign with Colette Hayman. I worked on this whole campaign myself behind the scenes and had such an amazing team around me on the day. To see all that hard work on every store across Australia and NZ was a dream.

What’s your best advice to anyone wanting to make social media a full time career? 

Be consistent, in your time, efforts and quality of work. Its something you have to put 110% of your efforts into.

What is your dream travel destination and why?

Argh Greece will forever be my dream destination.

Where is your favourite destination you have ever been too so far? 

I have been to some amazing places but my heart always goes to Bali, its like my second home. Its also Instagram Heaven for any food and travel bloggers! If you want to get into the travel side of social media i would suggest starting there!

What are your top 3 travel essentials?

Headphones, portable charger, spare memory cards!

What’s your favourite thing about being able to travel to world for work?

Ticking off some of my bucket list. Ive been so lucky to experince some of my dreams while travelling for work. Im honestly so lucky.



Thank you so much Brooke and can’t wait to see what future plans and projects you will take on next! Keep on killing the social media game #Girlboss


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