4 Reasons To Say YES To Holiday Tours

Last year I went on a 37 day tour around Europe. Everyone thought I was crazy. 37 days is a really long time to be driving around Europe in a bus with 20 something different people. It was literally go, go, go for 37 days straight. We ended up visiting 18 different countries so we didn’t really have time to stop. After saying all of that I wouldn’t have it any other way and here is why…

Everything Is Organised

When I say everything, I mean literally everything. From accommodation, meals and even activities! From my experience all 37 days went so incredibly smoothly. I didn’t have anything to worry about besides getting myself on that bus each morning. After a big night out I have to admit it was a little hard… Other then that it was amazing.

The People

If you decide to do a holiday tour solo or with some friends you will meet so many new people. Everyone is very likeminded. You are all there for one reason. To see the world. I got to meet so many people who were in exactly the same head space as me from all over the world. It definitely made the whole experience a lot better and heaps of fun.

Money Matters 

Once you have paid off your flights and the overall tour you only have so much left over for the activities and meals that aren’t already included in the tour price. They recommend heaps of activities to do. You can choose to do all of them, a few or none at all. It is completely up to you. That is what I liked about the tour. You never felt pressured to do everything even if you didn’t want to. You would end up spending so much more money then you wanted too. So I think tours are a perfect way to travel for all different budgets.

Free time

When you read a holiday tour itinerary you would probably look at it and think oh my god I won’t have any time to actually enjoy and experience each country. You are wrong! And so was I at first! When you are on the tour you would usually get to spend a couple of days at each destination. You can do heaps of activities that are organised by the tour but you are also able to spend entire days with no plans. Just roam around the city at your own pace. Do the things you want to do. It is your holiday.

If I was travelling around Europe by myself I think I would have been so stressed. All of the languages, transport and currency changes, what a head ache that could have been. I am so glad I decided to see Europe for the first time by going through a holiday tour. It was a great way to get a taste of all of the different countries. So in the future I can decide which ones I would like to go back and see. I should probably mention I went with a tour group called Topdeck. If you’re thinking of doing a holiday tour I highly recommend this company. They were super helpful and organised with everything!

Did this post change your mind about holiday tours? What country or countries would you love to visit? Also check out my post on your questions answered about travel for more details from my travel experiences. 

Sara x 



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