10 Ways To Travel The World When You’re Broke

If you want to the travel the world but don’t have enough money it is still possible. It is a lot easier then most people think. There are so many jobs that you can have when you are travelling overseas. It is the perfect way to keep earning money and have the ability to see the world. Imagine having your base location in London for an example. Work during the week and save up enough money to go and visit Paris for a couple of days. Then come back to your job in London and save up for your next trip to maybe Spain this time. Does that not sound amazing, also did I mention you could be based in the city of London!


10 Ways To Travel When Your Broke 


Hostel Worker


Work on a Yacht or Cruise Ship

Seasonal Worker

Teach English

Become a Tour Guide


Freelance Work Online

Travel Writer


If you have the travel bug but not sure where to start I hope this post was helpful for you! As you can see there are so many opportunities to be able to travel the world. These are only a few. If you have a passion for travel then working overseas can be the best decision you could ever make. If you would rather save money and go on a holiday read my post on ‘how to save money fast for travelling’ for some more ideas!

I would love to hear about your experience if you have ever worked overseas? What did you do? How long did you do it for? If not, what would you want to do? 

Sara x 

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