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A couple of days ago I asked you guys on my Instagram if you had any questions you wanted answered based on all things ‘travel’. I got some really great questions from my personal travel experiences and some that I think will benefit you for your next trip. A big thank you to the people who sent me questions!

How many countries have you visited?


So far I have travelled to about 22 countries I think…. in Europe and Indonesia. I am only 22 so I am keen to visit heaps more. This year I am going to Canada which will be amazing! I also would love to visit America and honestly ANY tropical destination.

What is your favourite country to go to? 


It is so hard to pick just one! I love visiting different countries. It is crazy to see how different peoples lives and cultures can be compared to back home in Australia. I did love Spain. Barcelona was so beautiful and would 100% go back in a heart beat. But of course I love Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Croatia, Indonesia and every other place I have seen so far!

What is your favourite type of accommodation? 


I have stayed in hotels, campsites and hostels but have never stayed at an Airbnb. Do you recommend Airbnb? Of course I love hotels. Everything is there and always really comfy and safe. On my last trip I was road tripping around Ireland. Which was really cool. I stayed at a camping site because we had a van we could sleep in. I think it is a great option if you are travelling on a budget. I had a good time but it was really cold so having to walk across the camping grounds in like 8 degrees to get to the showers was not the best… But other then that camping sites are great! I recently stayed in hostels too when I was traveling around Europe. I was pretty nervous the first time I did it. I mean sharing a room with complete strangers? That can be pretty awkward. But it was completely fine. Just introduce yourself. A lot of them will probably be in the same position as you. Overall favourite accommodation is hotels and hostels.

What are your travel essentials?


I have actually created a post for my ‘holiday essentials every traveller needs’.  Feel free to check it out for more details. I give you lots of tips and a check list to follow.

Do you plan out a budget for your trips?


I wouldn’t exactly say I plan out a budget… (oh no, is that bad?) Once I think I have enough money I will then start looking into places to visit. Pay for the flights and accomendations and then work as much as I can and then whatever I save in that time is my spending money for activities and food. I do like saving enough money that I don’t really need to worry about how much I spend while I’m traveling but of course you always do. Its always on my mind. I don’t want to get stuck and have to get family to send me money so I can get back home. Never want to be in that situation! Have you ever been in the situation? I mean it makes for a good story I suppose? haha.

Any tips on saving for travelling?


Work ridiculous hours. As awful as that sounds. It is just something you gotta do if you are keen on travelling. I think hospitality is the best industry to work in when saving and travelling. You can work days and nights and you actually get paid more on the weekends (this is in Australia). The hours are usually pretty flexible. Which gives you the ability to work heaps and then take a couple of weeks or even months off to travel if you are working as a casual. Also check out my post on how to save money for more tips!

What are the best ways for English speaking travellers to communicate with other foreign languages?


When I was in Europe a lot of the people I came across could speak really good English. So that was pretty convenient. But, I think the best ways to communicate with people with a different language would be gestures, speak slowly, write it down, use a translator app and even learn a couple of common phrases before visiting the country. I think that would be my best advice I could give you. I mean its all part of the experience so just enjoy it and learn.

I hope you enjoyed and also found this post helpful. I would love you do this more in the future. Leave some questions below and I will feature you in my next Q and A post. Again, big thank you to everyone who sent in questions!

Sara xx 

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