How To Save Money Fast For Travelling


Are you ever scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and looking at so many people travelling around the world enjoying life? Not all of us can get paid to travel so i came up with some ideas on how to save your money fast, book that plane ticket and visit all of the amazing places you have always wanted to visit.

I was saving for about 1 year before I left for my Europe trip last trip. I was planning on staying for 2 months but had no idea how much I really needed to save. I knew I wanted to save up as much as I could as quickly as I could. Be warned – you may not be too keen on some of these ideas at first but they really do work! I ended up having plenty to spend. Enough that I could really experience everything Europe had to offer. Like Skydiving out of a helicopter in the Swiss Alps. If you want to experience Europe like this keep reading…


Loose Change Jar 

Ever thought on what to do with all those random coins you always find laying on the floor of your car or sitting in the bottom of your pockets? Collect them! Chuck them into a jar and over time you will slowly see it increase. By the time the jar is full you would have wished you did it earlier!

To help motivate yourself decorate the jar or just go out a buy a cheap pretty one. Maybe even put a little quote on the jar to remind yourself that saving all those little coins will help you to purchase something you have always wanted or do something you have always wanted to do like a Gondola ride in Venice.

Spending Money On Things You Want But Don’t Need 

This is what I was talking about before about you may not like some of my ideas. Yes this does kind of suck and probably the hardest to do. Just casually shopping and coming across lots of things you like but don’t really need when you think about it. I might add in that is completely okay to buy that dress you have been eyeing off of weeks. Just don’t spend money on unnecessary items like another pair of sandals when you have them in every colour already…

Create a Separate Bank Account

This one is my favourite. It will probably show the biggest difference. Start by creating an extra bank account. Name it something along the lines of ‘Overseas trip’. Each week you should pay all the necessary bills and limit yourself to for example, $200 a week in your everyday account. For things such as food or random purchases like seeing a movie. Each week from then on pay the bills and any money left over from the everyday weekly limit e.g. $200 you can transfer to your ‘Overseas trip’ account. Sometimes it may only be $15 but $15 is still better than nothing and soon enough you will be enjoying a pizza and a glass of wine in Italy.



Ever since I travelled through Europe last year I have been saving up using these ideas for my next adventure. This time Canada. So far I can tell you it has been going really well. If you start using these ideas you will be saving more then you thought you ever could. Good Luck!


Let me know how you save money for your trips. I would love to hear and it will also help other readers if they are having trouble. Which idea was is your favourite? 

Sara x

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