The Perfect Gift List For Your Mum This Mother’s Day 

As you know Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Literally in 4 days.. Do you feel like every year it comes up out of the blue and you feel super unprepared? because that is my life. Pretty much every year to be honest… Anyway, this year I feel relatively prepared. I know what I’m getting my mum and have a plan for the day (for the first time in a long time!). So I thought I would give you some gift options if you are stuck this year on what to get your lovely mum this Mother’s Day.

The Perfect Gift List

1. Massage

Because you can never go wrong with a relaxing massage. These are a really good gift because you can find the perfect one depending on how much you want to spend.

2. Body lotions and face masks

Keeping with the relaxation theme, body lotions and face masks are always needed for every women. Highly recommend these for a gift this year. Check out The Body Shop because they have a biggest range!

3. Jewellery

I personally think jewellery is always a lovely present. Especially if you want a sentimental gift. From rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms take your pick! Quick tip – Buy a charm bracelet and each year purchase a new charm for her to add (just thinking about being organised for next year already!).

4. Pyjamas

Nothing like comfy pyjamas to sleep in at night. Buying quality sleepwear for your mum = a good sleep = a happy mum that will love you forever.

5. Watch

Buy your mum a new accessory. Watches are a great gift idea because they are not only really helpful but can also style up every outfit. Olivia Burton Watches are incredibly beautiful. Definitely have a look. I have one and love it!

6. Stationary

This one is a little random but my mum loves stationary so maybe yours will too? If you have ever seen the Kikki K store you will also want to buy something for yourself because all of it is just so pretty! Who would have thought stationary would ever be pretty?

7. Wine

You can never beat a nice glass of wine to unwind at night after a busy day. Enough said.

8. Coffee table books

If your mum is into interior and design she will appreciate you adding to her home decor. Buy some cute little coffee table books about food, fashion or travel (or anything else of course). I think it is great to have some books on the table just to flick through every once in a while for yourself or guests.

9. Candles

Candles are perfect. They make the house smell good, add some decoration and helps to relax. No better way to enjoy a bath with candle and music playing or of course watching your latest Netflix series…

10. Handbag

Handbags can be hard to buy for someone. However, if you are up to it I have 100% faith in you and that you will pick the right one just for her. There is such a big variety out there I am sure you will find one.


Lastly if you are in complete doubt I wanted to add a extra one. Just take your mum out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and just spend quality time together. Corny I know, but she will love it!

Let me know what you are thinking about doing. I would love to know! 

Sara xx 


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