2018 Destination Wishlist

Photo taken in Nice, France


Last year I was lucky enough to travel overseas for 2 months and experience the beautiful European summer. After coming home my love for travel only increased and yes, I caught the ‘travel bug’. After visiting over 20 countries some of my favourites would have to be Spain, Greece, England, Croatia, Italy and Bali. I never really realised how much of the world there is still to see until I went to Europe.


Hawaii has always been on my list of destinations to visit at least once in my life. The place looks so beautiful. I am happy to book a ticket to any tropical paradise. There seems to be such great vibes there. Anywhere with palm trees has my heart.

Santorini, Greece 

I had a taste of Greece last year when I travelled to Athens and Mykonos. After seeing those places of course Santorini is on my list. Those white and blue buildings over looking the beautiful beaches, yes please!


Photo taken in Mykonos, Greece


Amalfi Coast, Italy 

Have you seen the photos from this place!? It is literally picture perfect where ever you look. So who wouldn’t want to visit this cliffside city of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. I would love to spend the day exploring the streets and find some super cute cafes and go to the beach of course too.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To be honest I have already been here but only for a 2 hour stop over in the airport. So that doesn’t really count right? There are endless activities to do here. From sky diving over the man made islands to shopping in the largest mall in the world (that includes an aquarium!). I even heard you can even have dinner in the sky!?


Photo taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Tulum, Mexico

Lately I have seen a lot of people visiting this place. One of my favourite bloggers, Janni Deler recently returned from Tulum. Her photos look amazing. It looks like the perfect place to relax and unwind. Also would’t mind drinking some mojitos while watching the sunset over the beach.


I am so excited about this one, because I am heading to Canada in a couple of months. I am planning on road tripping around the country for a month. So if anyone has any tips on places to go and what I should see, please let me know! I would really appreciate it.


Photo taken in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Photo taken in Dublin, Ireland

What is on your travel wishlist for 2018? 

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