Valentines Day Outfits Perfect For You

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Nothing quite says Valentines Day like the colour red, but times have changed. It’s okay to mix things up. Maybe add a pop of pink this year to your outfit. This is the beauty of fashion, nothing is ever off limits. I have put together a couple of pieces that I am loving right now. I think these would be perfect to add to your outfit. I found these from some of my favourite stores like Glassons, Verge Girl, Boohoo, Showpo, Beginning Boutique, Topshop, Cotton on and Sportsgirl. A lot of these are super affordable too! I like to buy things that I can wear for lots of different occasions. None of this “buy 1 dress and never wear it again” talk. Your clothes will just keep on piling up in your wardrobe for the next couple of years until you decide to give it a clear out. Each of these items can be dressed up for both formal occasions such as weddings or dressed down for something as simple as lunch. This can be done by simply changing up your accessories or shoes.

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas for your valentines day outfit and even other upcoming events you may have. Check out my previous post on the latest fashion trends for even more ideas. Let me know in the comments which piece is your favourite or what your planning on wearing.

Talk soon, Sara xo


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