Sunday Mornings at the Sunshine Coast

On Sunday we woke up early, 6am early. We headed for a little town called Maleny on The Sunshine Coast. The drive was just over an hour. We may have forgotten that on Sunday everything opens lately. So we found a cute little cafe called Shotgun Espresso to have breakfast. It was really busy because it was one of the only cafes open at the time but was so lovely. It has two sections. The front that looked over the Main Street and the back. It was a little court yard that was completely decorated with plants. Its also a pet friendly cafe so we saw a couple of super cute dogs. They had so much on the menu from eggs and bacon to fresh fruit bowls.  I ordered the Eggs Benedict with a fresh orange juice. If you are ever looking for a place to eat at that sells fresh and organic food, this is the place. We spent the rest of the morning strolling down the streets and shopping in all the boutique stores. Perfect way to spend Sunday mornings.


I am keen to go and find some more cute cafes and other places to show you. I would love to know if you like these kinds of posts or would want to see something different. Leave some ideas in the comments below.

Talk soon, Sara xx



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