You Must Visit This Seaside Town


Hey guys, hope you are all going well!

Today we went off to find a cute little seaside town called Dingle. On the way to the town we drove part of the Ring of Kerry. It was so pretty. When we first started driving we didn’t realise how long it was, 179km! We turned back after stopping and looking over the water to take a couple of photos. When we finally got ourselves to Dingle it was about lunch time. We found a cute little pub and ordered. I had a Caesar salad because I felt like something relatively healthy because of all the snacks we were eating. We strolled around the little seaside town and looked at a couple of shops. We ended up walking to the marina and just chilling out before heading on the road again. This time it was a a 4.5 hour drive to Limerick where we were spending the night.


During our drive the map took us on a pretty crazy route and drove the Wild Atlantic Way. We were driving on the side of a cliff that was only one way. So in different parts we had to pull over on the side of the cliff to let the cars drove by. Pretty intense but we survived! haha. Check out my earlier posts on where we started our road trip.

If you ever visit Ireland you should try and get to this little seaside town, Dingle. It is so cute and full of boutique stores and heaps of restaurants. Going during the summer season is the best time I think. Yes it is still cold but better then what it would be in their winter. Do you prefer travelling to warmer tropical places or colder destinations? Let me know which one and why 🙂


Talk soon, Sara xx

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