Why Ireland is the perfect place to have a road trip


If you have ever thought about going on a road trip but not sure where to go, Ireland is your answer. It is super easy to get a car and drive around the entire country. I’m from Australia so driving on the left hand side of the road wasn’t too hard. Coming from a country that drives on the opposite side may be a little hard but you get use to it. Because you are road tripping a pretty small country you can take as many days as you want. Depending on which city you visit you might want to stay longer, which is okay because you have your own transport! I must say that after coming straight off a tour it was kinda nice to be able to do as we pleased when we visited Ireland.


The first city we visited was Dublin. Which is the perfect place to start your road trip in my opinion. It was so lovely. Full of pubs that were all completely covered on flowers. We got lost walking around the city. We had lunch at the oldest pub in Dublin ‘The Brazen Head’. It was really cool and full of history. I was also able to try my first Guinness beer (because when in Ireland…). It wasn’t even as bad as I thought. I definitely recommend trying one even if your not a beer type of person. Also check out the temple bar area. It has heaps of bars and pubs. The next couple of posts will be about the different cities we visited and what we got up too.


If you have any questions on road tripping through Ireland let me know in the comments below. I am happy to help you out and stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

Talk soon, Sara xx


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