Amsterdam || Tips and Tricks to beat the Tourists


Hello Amsterdam! and everyone who is reading this of course. If you are thinking about visiting Amsterdam book that plane ticket now. It is absolutely amazing. There is so much to see and do you will need at least a couple of days to really take in everything it has to offer.

I was able to be here for 2 days and loved it. Whatever you have been told about Amsterdam is what Amsterdam is. It is a city full of canals and house boats, alleys where you can get lost in (but is that really a bad thing?… haha) and of course the famous Red Light District. During the 2 days we were able to hire a bike, visit the Amsterdam sign (typical tourist thing to do), have a picnic in Vondel Park, visit Anne Frank House, shopping, dinner river cruise and go out to the clubs. It was a crazy couple of days but wouldn’t have it any other way.



What to do:

Hire a bike

The best option in my opinion. You will be able to see a lot because you get to the places much quicker. It is great in Amsterdam to ride a bike, compared to back home in Australia because it goes bikes then trains then cars then pedestrians. There are heaps of places to hire bikes all around Amsterdam. It will cost about €18.45 including insurance. Which I recommend getting.

Visit the Anne Frank House

Best tip I can give you is get there super early. Like ridiculously early. The line gets so long it can wrap around the streets. You can be in the line for hours and then not even get in before closing time. So get there early! Tickets will cost €9 each.

Dinner River Cruise

Such a great way to see Amsterdam from the canals while you enjoy some dinner and drinks. Prices do vary depending which company you go with but here are some examples.



I think everyone should visit Amsterdam. It is such a different city with so much to do. It was so much fun and would love to go again.

Have you ever travelled to a place that was exactly like what everyone says? What places do you want to visit too? I can’t wait to read them!

Talk soon, Sara xx


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