Exploring Prague in the Summer Time


Hi everyone! Prague is one of the most stunning cities I have travelled to. The buildings and streets are so different compared to any other city. We spent the morning walking around and finished up crossing the river and going up to the castle. The castle was massive and so was the line to get into it. Just a warning, summer is peak season so prepare for line ups to the tourist attractions. Once we were able to get in it was like a little city. There were gardens, buildings and churches. We found a restaurant and it had the most incredible view that overlooked the city of Prague. After lunch we walked back down and came across the John Lennon Wall. Later that afternoon we were able to watch the Astronomical Clock in the city center. Tourist fill the area to watch it as it goes off every hour. We enjoyed some of the traditional dessert, Trdelnik. It is like a doughnut but you can fill it with different things. I picked nutella and ice cream. Definitely a must try if you ever visit Prague. Later that night we went to check out the nightclubs. We went to a club that was 5 stories. On each level there is a different theme (disco, oldie’s, R&B, radio hits and chill out). After exploring the city all day it was cool to see the night life.


What to do:

– Visit the Castle overlooking the entire city of Prague.

– Try the traditional dessert, Trdelnik.

– Get a photo at the John Lennon Wall.


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Talk soon, Sara xx

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