Back from Budapest


Hello everyone, hope all is going well for you! Today we are exploring the beautiful city of Budapest. First stop when visiting Budapest is the lookout. You can literally see every part of the city. It is one of my favourite views since travelling. There are heaps of tourists here so if you aren’t a fan of big crowds I would recommend coming early in the morning. We happened to be in Budapest on their Foundation Day. So a lot of their shops were shut but we where able to enjoy others parts of what the city had to offer. We came across a concert/festival in the heart of the city. It was so cool to see. We enjoyed lunch in a quite street we found and I ordered the spaghetti bolognese. The first night we were able to go to a Sparty. This is a party like nothing I have ever been to before that is located at the famous Hungarian baths.  It was crazy, the amount of people that were there and all the lights and music, absolutely insane. The second night we went on a river cruise. It was a buffet dinner with all the traditional Hungarian meals and drinks included (yes please and thank you!). It was nice to try out some of their food. The cruise finished with fireworks along the river. It was so pretty and I was so glad we were able to enjoy it on the cruise boat then being surrounded by crowds of people all bunch up along the river.



What to do: 

– Look out over the city of Budapest.

– Sparty. It is pretty expensive, €50 but something different to do when you’re in Budapest (especially if you like the party scene). Make sure to check the dates and buy your tickets online before you go!

– Danube River Cruise . It goes for approximately 2 hours and includes food and drinks for €45.



Budapest was so much fun and I would love to visit again for sure! What are your favourite things to do when you go travelling? Like, seeing all of the major tourist attractions or finding hidden spots around the city.

Thanks for reading, talk soon.

Sara xx

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