When in Rome


Rome was stunning. We spent hours walking around and saw so many different places including the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. We took a quick stop at a famous ice cream shop, Gelateria Della Palma that sells 150 different flavors. Not going to lie but it took a while to decide which flavors to have… I ended up picking mint, snickers and chocolate with strawberries. It was yum! For the second day in a row we may have eaten pizza for lunch again… but when in Rome right!?


What to do:

– Gelateria Della Palma. Choose your favourite flavor from 150!

– All the typical tourist attractions. If you happen to be in Rome on the first Sunday of the month you get free admission to the Colosseum (so convenient especially if you’re travelling on a budget). I am not 100% sure about other attractions though…

– Get lost in the streets of Rome and see where you end up and what you see (sometimes no plan is good plan!).


I would love to know what you got up to when you travelled to Rome or if you are planning on going, what are you keen to see? Leave them in the comments below. I would love to read them. Thanks again!

I hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon.

S xx


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