Beautiful City of Venice


Hey everyone! The day started by strolling around all the alley ways in the beautiful city of Venice, trying to get an idea of the area. It was crazy, the amount of alleys everywhere you could easily get lost (which we did a couple of times…). Lucky they have a couple of signs posted on the walls occasionally. It was one of the hottest days yet (about 38 degrees!) but that didn’t stop us from exploring the city. We were able to go on a gondola ride for about 20-30 minutes. Not 100% sure how long we ended up going for… too busy trying to take everything in. Especially when we made our way out from the tiny canals and into the grand canal. It was incredible. We had a look around at the shops and visited a glass blower demonstration. For lunch we had to find a restaurant with air-con! Sitting outside would have been nice but it was way too hot. We of course ordered pizza and pasta because when in Italy! It was delicious. We spent the rest of the day walking around and seeing the city. It was such a lovely day.



What to do:

– Gondola Ride (€40) The prices do change depending on the season and time of day. The most expensive rate goes up to around €100.

– Visit a glass blower demonstration. They sale amazing jewellery!

– Buy and enjoy a gelato. Especially in summer!


Thanks so much for reading this post. Hopefully my recommendations on what to do is helpful for when you visit Venice. If you have travelled there please leave in the comments below things to do for others to read! I would really appreciate it.

S xx

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