The Magic of Monaco


Hi everyone! Recently I visited Monaco. I only spent about 5 hours there though… but I can still tick that off my list of countries I have visited. Anyway, we were able to do a driving tour and stop at a couple of different locations. We were able to see the famous Formula One track and the marina. It was filled with million dollar yachts. Some even had helicopter pads on them! It was insane. We also visited the Palace of Monaco. Our last stop was the world famous Monte Carlo Casino. It was amazing. Every minute a new luxury car was coming around the corner and parking out the front to go into the casino. I managed to see Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and heaps more but I don’t really know anything about cars to be honest. Only that they looked really fancy and expensive.



I have to say I was pretty surprised with how small the roads were and it was also very steep everywhere. Other then that though it was pretty much exactly how I thought Monaco would be, but better in real life of course! You can tell that it is a place for the rich. The amount of ridiculously fancy cars I saw and yachts in the marinas were crazy. I also heard that apparently you have to be pretty damn wealthy to even be an official citizen there!


Monaco is an absolutely tiny country. It was amazing to even be given the chance to visit it, even if it was only for a couple a hours.

Have you ever been to Monaco? If so what was your favourite part about it? Leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

Talk soon, S xx

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