It is such a NICE view

I didn’t even realise I was visiting Nice until a couple of days before. We arrived in the afternoon and were able to take a look around and grab something for dinner. We ordered dinner from the ‘old town’ area. It was filled with different restaurants and food markets too. We decided to take a walk up to the look out so we are able to overlook the beach and city while the sun set. The next day we did a lot of shopping and spent the rest of the day at the beach because of the amazing summer weather. It is the first place where I saw a ‘European beach’, with it being covered in pebbles. It was completely different to the beaches back home but still amazing to see. The buildings in the city were so pretty because of all the colours.

What to do:

– check out the old town area with all of the markets

– walk up to the lookout to get the best view in town

– eat a lot of food including the gelato and pizza!

I wish we had more time there to check out all the other things to do but I will just have to come back at some stage. What do you recommend doing while travelling to Nice? Leave them in the comments below…

S xx

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