Picturesque Switzerland


Switzerland is picturesque. I visited Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland in late July. It was crazy that I was staying in such a tiny town with only main street but had a view like this. The valley was completely green but when you looked further the mountains where completely white with snow. Can’t imagine what it would be like in winter! We only had the chance to stay here for 2 nights but we enjoyed every minute.


What to do:

– Take a walk along the middle of the valley and find yourself stumbling across waterfalls that are actually inside caves. Trümmelbach falls is €10.

– Jungfrau, top of Europe.  Train ride to the summit on the alps (€80).

– Sky Dive out of a helicopter. I was able to ticket this off my bucket list. It is insane that I am able to say I skydived out of a helicopter over the Swiss Alps. It is very pricey (€390) but when do you get to say you sky dived in Switzerland right!?

If you have any other places or things to do while in Lauterbrunnen or Switzerland in general leave them below for others to see. Check out my previous post on Paris for things to do see.

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