Back to Reality | Bali


Today is our final full day in Bali. It went so quickly! But was a really nice break. As it was our last day today we just enjoyed the day by relaxing. Firstly, we slept in and had our usual buffet breakfast. Which was delicious of course.

First thing we did we get a manicure and pedicure at the same place we had our massages, La Karma Spa. It is such a lovely place and actually owned by an Australia man. I think we actually saw him while we were there? haha. It was really cheap again. Only $22 I think for both. Amaaazing!

We went off to the markets once again and did our final shop and picked up heaps of bargains which was great. I am definitely going to miss to markets. I love them so much. The afternoon was spent by the pool.

We decided to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday properly. The restaurant was called ‘Niksoma’. It was only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel which was good. We sat upstairs to watch the sunset and enjoy our drinks. I ordered a Pinky Mojito and it was just as good as the last. We got to the restaurant just in time to watch the sun set as we ate dinner. It was such a good end to our amazing holiday. What is your favourite part about holidays? Let me know below (: Now its back to reality of work and uni…

Thank you for reading,

S x

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