Chasing the Sunset | Bali

Today is Day 3 of our trip to Bali, and I have loved every second of the trip so far.

This morning we had an early wake up to fit time in for breakfast before we headed out to a day tour at 8.30am. We were able to drive all around the area and see a couple of different areas.

The first place we visited was a gold and sliver jewelers. It was a family business and they has some amazing pieces. We all bought something as a souvenir. I bought a ring and I love it because it will always remind me of Bali. The next place we visited was a temple. It was amazing to see how much detail goes into every part of the buildings. Third stop was some markets and omg were they busy! There was so many little isles filled with people selling all different kinds of things. It was insane the amount of things that were fitted into such small spaces. Our final stop was the Tegenungan Waterfall. The waterfall was so huge and loud. So many people were walking down to go swimming. The final stop kind of drive by was the rice fields. It was exactly like all of the photos I had seen. The one we stopped at was in a quite area surrounded by private villas. It was such a lovely spot.


In the afternoon was went straight to the pool while enjoying a late lunch. We headed out for a walk and ended up at the beach just in time for the sunset. The beach was full of tourists haha, but also all of the bars and restaurants that were actually on the beach. Music was playing all along the beach which was so lovely. It gave it an even better vibe then it already did.


Thanks for reading and looking forward to tomorrow adventures. What is one thing or place you would love to do and see if you ever went or have been to Bali? Please leave them in the comments below 🙂

Talk soon, S xo

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